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- Sam Fatouh

I loved the workshop! I can't state enough how much I fell in Love with this experience. I used to sleep 5 hours per night, after the workshop, I slept for 8 and felt rejuvenated.

- Amy Heartmen

I didn't know that I was in need for this in my life. The workshop indeed opened me up to the vast world of meditation and spirituality. I can see myself doing this daily from now on.

- Luana Fakhreddine

Lovely workshop. Very  insightful and valuable time for reflection and expression! 

Mediate for change

Who We Are

Meditate for Change is a Campaign aimed at transforming your reality. Through self reflection, each of us is capable of accessing inner peace, and discovering our strengths and hidden talents. Meditation helps create coherence between our heart and brain, which triggers alpha brain functioning. Alpha brain waves have been scientifically proven to help you mentally, emotionally, and physically…

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