Be the Change

The pandemic has disrupted the flow of life for most individuals, which led to a global understanding of the importance of mental health in our society, and the correlation between substance abuse and lack of inner clarity, and social norms. Our mission is to help individuals realize their subjective reality, and help them uncover the objective truth, which in turn, eases their distress, keeps their health in check, and helps them unravel their potential to live a more fulfilling life despite the external changes in our society.

See the Change

​Here in MFC we like to shed light on the scientific nature of spirituality, and normalize it, bring awareness to each individual’s inner reality, and have them regulate their mental and physical health, and drive their potential forward.

Mediate for change

Our Story

They say the story of which a man tells about his life in the past determines his life in the future… Well this starts off in the near past when the covid-19 virus spread across the globe and the pandemic came face to face with us, forcing us all to hide away from interaction and to isolate ourselves in our houses. This pandemic has really changed how life on earth looks like, but to many, it has destroyed it, even if briefly... 


Meditate for change was founded by Weam Charaf Eddine, a mechanical engineer, that spent most of his life emerged in the world of spirituality and mindfulness. As he observed the deterioration of the human psyche during quarantine, as rules got tougher, an idea came to his mind. “Now is the perfect time to sit and discover our internal reality as a civilization” he said, but was more disappointed at the fact that people still didn’t proceed to take advantage of this opportunity. Stunned at how people failed to see the opportunities present to us as species in this forced quarantine, he and a collective of healers decided to take it upon themselves and start this spiritual knowledge sharing initiative.


At first it was simple… just a couple of workshops to help people get started on meditation. But as people started signing up by the dozen it was simply too important to let go.


Today Meditate For Change helps soul seekers find their internal powers and heal themselves, as this group of healers join hands in helping the globe. On a clear and defined road of evolving, MFC is now hosting discussions, workshops, group therapy and a podcasts. Every week, the team works together to cover various topics in live sessions to answer direct questions and help people uncover their true selves.  

Meet The Team

Weam Charaf Eddine

Weam Charaf Eddine

Founder & Executive Director

Lama JOudieh

Lama JOudieh

 Project Manager & Art Director

Svetozar Nopoleos

Svetozar Nopoleos

Director of Operations

Soojna Kim

Soonja Kim

Director of Research