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11 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Regular Meditation Practice

Researchers have studied meditation over time to understand its effects on the human psyche. Many people are unaware about the scientifically proven benefits of meditation, so without further ado, here is a quick list for you to read:

  1. Many styles of meditation can help reduce stress. Meditation can also reduce symptoms in people with stress-triggered medical conditions.

  2. Habitual meditation helps reduce anxiety and anxiety-related mental health issues like social anxiety, phobias and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

  3. Some forms of meditation promote emotional health, by improving depression and creating a more positive outlook on life. Research shows that maintaining an ongoing habit of meditation may help you maintain these benefits long term.

  4. Enhances self awareness. This can be a starting point for making other positive changes.

  5. Several types of meditation may build your ability to redirect and maintain attention. As little as four days of meditation may have an effect on lengthening attention span.

  6. The improved focus you can gain through regular meditation may increase memory and mental clarity. These benefits can help fight age-related memory loss and dementia.

  7. Loving-kindness meditation increases positivity, empathy and compassionate behavior toward others.

  8. Meditation develops mental discipline and willpower and can help you avoid triggers for unwanted impulses. This can help you recover from addiction, lose weight and redirect other unwanted habits.

  9. A variety of meditation techniques can help you relax and control the “runaway” thoughts that can interfere with sleep. This can shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and increase sleep quality.

  10. Meditation can diminish the perception of pain in the brain. This may help treat chronic pain when used as a supplement to medical care or physical therapy.

  11. Blood pressure decreases not only during meditation, but also over time in individuals who meditate regularly. This can reduce strain on the heart and arteries, helping prevent heart disease.

Best Part is that Meditation is a safe tool, you can take with you anywhere you go, and its free to practice.

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