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It all started with an Explosion

Mediate for change, Lebanon

When the Skys Turned Dark, and the Sun stopped shining, the only rays of light were the ones that came from within...

After the explosion in Beirut, the only safe haven I had was inner peace, I started meditating twice a day, and slowly gaining sense in reality, as I was paralyzed by intense emotions, for the weeks to follow. But to my surprise, I was gaining hope in a bright future again, I was seeing past the veil of destruction, I was channelling rays of truth from the bounds of the unknown, all by simply closing my eyes and guiding my awareness inwardly.

As the Taoists say: " Energy Flows were Attention Goes" I realized the more I payed attention to my inner silence, the more I was able to be productive, and process what I can do to help myself and others around me with ease.

And to my surprise, other meditators around me felt the same. The Eureka moment came, when I realized we are powerful co-creators and are helping shape the world around us, so I spared no time to start preparing for this campaign, and feed more positivity and hopefully thoughts to myself and everyone I knew...

Sooner or later, our inner light will shine bright like a diamond, when its cleaned out from all the stress and dirt its accumulated over the lifetimes...

It's time we all Meditate for Change, its the only way

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