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Launch of Meditate for Change Meetup Group

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Mediate for change, Canada

On Halloween, the scariest day of the year, "Meditate for Change Canada" was born with the first public event. On that day was a powerful blue moon, that set tone for the first transformative journey into the darkness. The theme of the event was personal transformation, and facing our fears, so it was only reasonable to host the event on Halloween, during a full moon lit night.

There were around 60 soul seekers, that wanted to participate, but due to legal restrictions, we only hosted 25 of them, and went into the wild, as the night set. Destination was High Park, goal, to allow each seeker to come face to face with their darkness, and come out at the other end of the event rejuvenated, and less scared, in a supportive atmosphere.

We marched to the deepest and darkest depths of High Park on the cold, windy night of Halloween. The only source of light was the natural shine of Full Blue Moon. It was truly a transformative experience that’ll brought several face-to-face with their hidden fears.

The event was 2 hours long, and had silent portions, tree hugging, and a guided group meditation by the river. The soul seekers connected with nature and with each other despite the social distancing, and shared a great experience by conquering their fears, and stepping into their own light.

If you wish to stay up to date with our future events, please go to the following link below, and sign up. Many more events are workshops are on their way... stay tuned.

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