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Launch of the Lebanese Campaign - Meditate for Change

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Mediate for change, Lebanon

After the opening of the Lebanese meditation centre, we decided it was time to launch the "Meditate for Change" campaign so that different regions of Lebanon can join the initiative and be inspired to follow suit.

The idea came for the campaign came straight out of the scientific studies that were conducted during the Lebanese Civil war, when 7000 participants seeking peace meditated together in Jerusalem to bring peace to Lebanon. This powerful peace project, conducted by the TM foundation, in 1983, demonstrated that on days when there was a high participation of meditators, a 76 percent reduction of war deaths occurred, as well as reduction in crime and fires, decrease in traffic accidents, and an increase in economic growth. Since the 1980s, over 600 scientific studies have been done to backup these findings from multiple universities from around the world.

All of this was achieved simply by combining people’s intention for peace and coherence, with the elevated emotions of love and compassion. This clearly demonstrates that the more unified the consciousness of a group of people is, the more it can change the consciousness and the energy of others in a local way.

Studies have found that in cities all over the world, when as little as 1% of the population practiced simultaneous group meditation, that was enough to trigger the coherence effect that is being sought after, so we set up a goal, to reach the 1%, equivalent to 80,000 meditators by 2024. We are confident that this will have a significant effect on Lebanon on the long run. Having a high brain wave coherence can create coherence in collective consciousness, and generate a unifying and integrating effect in society, which will cause a Tsunami of change to the desperate land, and people that live on it...

Its time to rise from our ashes and rebuild our reality...


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