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Renovating the Mediation Center - Home of Pure Knowledge

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Mediate for change, Lebanon

After talking to my spiritual family, and getting the confirmation that I needed, I started spreading word about the "Meditate for Change"campaign. To my surprise many generous and loving people starting donating funds and before i knew you it, we raised $3500, which were enough to renovate 4 spaces within a meditation centre in Lebanon. Once word got out, many lovely souls started coming together and meditating regularly in the space to bring in a peaceful vibration into the space.

Everyone is working together to help bring this initiative to life. We have some people focusing their attention on Vedic Knowledge, and the extensive study of different aspects of Veda, while others are creating group regular meditation programs, to encourage people to meet daily, weekly, or monthly, and meditate coherently. Some are working on programs to help guide youth and young adults, while others are planning on introducing new spiritual practices to the region. The energy this centre has brought to the people is amazing, they are all working hard to ensure this vision becomes a reality, and they manifest positivity and hope through their union. If you wish to be informed of monthly programs that the centre is providing including any free workshops, please email us at the contact us page with your request.

The official Virtual Group meditation time for Lebanon is currently 6:30 PM, feel free to join in spirit, if you wish to be added to weekly or monthly meditation gatherings, please email us at the contact us page, and we will get in touch with you soon after.


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