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Prayer Bank

"Prayers have a life of their own” ~ GM

I pray for you to find your inner piece, and be happy in your present moment, no matter what you are facing.

"The idea for the Prayer Bank came from an older friend and colleague who, as a young girl, imagined that all prayers went into the world to do good where and when they were needed.


She also imagined that no prayer could be directed by the pray-er (and she  noticed that the doer and the done were the same word in English). Prayers have a life of their own….” G.M

The prayer bank is not something, it is not anything, and it is not nothing. The prayer bank is not a place. The prayer bank is a concept, we ask that you offer prayers, with the trust and belief that they will go where they are most needed. The prayer bank is simply to inspire people to hold the intention, that their prayers make a difference somewhere.

Prayers for good with no ill intention towards anyone or anything, are welcomed.

Create in us a new mind and heart that will enable us to see brothers and sisters in the faces of those divided by racial categories
I pray you to heal from the things that no one ever apologized for

I pray that life blesses you with pleasant surprises and opens up doors of luck for you to achieve your fullest potential

Prayer Bank Deposit 

Thanks for your prayers

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