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Energy Psychology Sessions

Combination of modern science and ancient wisdom

  • 1 hour
  • 33 U.S. dollars
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Energy psychology is a blend of western cognitive or thought processes and eastern healing methods. It is a speciality area inside the field of psychology that uses specific treatments with aspects of the human vibrational matrix commonly known as meridians, chakras, and aura. In other words it is a combination of modern science and ancient wisdom. It aims at helping you remove old bagages and blocks that are holding you back, and inbed desired beliefs and peak performance, and reach a new plateau of happiness and inner peace. EP sessions involve therapeutic sessions where we will find causes of all stuck negative emotions, customize your unique meditation routine, and approach to advancing your day to day life with specific techniques. Svetozar uses a unique combination of clinical psychology therapy, spiritual tools and knowledge, and healing modalities to help you dive deeper into your true self. Benefits include: Elevate your life Advance your self worth Separate emotions from thoughts Discover programs in your subconscious that are not aligned with your highest good Help you achieve your desired state. After the initial consultation session, the areas of concern are noted, and an approach is developed to tackle each individual target needed. Svetozar will also create custom meditation techniques for you to use everyday for a more conscious life. You will get therapy, guidance, support, and help in resolution of specific tough situations in your life journey. you will discover what subconscious programs and belief systems are not letting you grow, evolve, learn and have a chance to rewrite them. You will also receive customized meditation tools to help you advance your life, get unstuck, and resolve the problems that are preventing you from being your best self, and living your best life. Live zoom therapy session. You will also receive PDF/word copies of the customized exercises and techniques, that will be developed for you individually, to be accessible at your convenience. English, Russian, Arabic (Lebanese) NADPO - National Academy of Additional Education- "psychology consultant. Methods and technologies for the provision of psychological services to the population and organisations" with the assignment of the qualification "Practical psychologist"

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  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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