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Faces of me - Art Healing

Every period of your life requires a different you

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“Faces of me” is an art healing workshop that combines meditation with arts and expression… in the workshop you will be focusing on meeting the different faces of your personality… don't worry you won't come out a schizophrenic or anything! But you simply understand the different aspects of your personality and how to utilize them in dealing with your life. The mediation is an enchanting experience of a trip you take within your creative mind. It's a journey of self discovery and self care. Paired with the right encouragement and art materials you will be able to produce a token (which is the painting) as celebration of your new found powers and understandings. At the end of this project, we aim that you will have some insight on your inner receivers, the ones that echo in your silent mind, in hopes that new awareness will finally give them a more powerful and more profound voice. About ART-thropolgy: It's a set of twelve projects incorporating Healing using art. These Art Classes are directed towards emotional empowerment. We believe people should come together to learn and flourish, while embracing their creative minds. Benefits of this workshop: - Increase you're creative thinking. - Relieve your stress and anxiety - Empower yourself and gain self-confidence - Channel and release blocked thoughts - Express your creative self Required materials: - Pencil and eraser - Paper or canvas or a wooden plank (whatever you have available) - Colored pencils or acrylics or watercolors (whatever you have available) - Black felt pen About the instructor: Lama JOudieh is a graphic designer, artist, and art healer. She graduated in 2018 from the American university of Beirut with a BA in arts along with minors in art history and media studies. She also won an award in the AUB’s ABLE event “accessibility for a bolder learning experience” for demarginalizing disabilities and breaking the barriers. In 2017 JOudieh developed an art healing program that focuses on uncovering the student’s deep-rooted burdens from these disabilities and help turn them into social powers. After winning the Nawaya Grant for Entrepreneurs from UNICEF, she went on to give speeches about her battles and successes in the “Hakaya Gel” talks for young entrepreneur’s success stories. She then created PaintBucketHead art studio in Beirut to practice what she preaches, and has helped many individuals, adults and children, in their healing journey.

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  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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