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Free Will vs Destiny

Free Group Discussion

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Our life choices help change the outcome of our experiences however, many life events happen to us, and we have no choice in deciding otherwise. This interesting oxymoron has caused many to wonder whether humans have the option to choose their life, or are they predestined to experience life a certain way. Learning about this opposing point of view is a great tool to study our understanding of the world around us and more importantly ourselves, the reality that we perceive. Join us Saturday for a panel discussion led by Holistic Coach Weam Charaf Eddine who will help dissect the topic into multiple pieces and help extrapolate some lessons that would benefit you in realizing when and how you can take action in life, to help you choose to follow your destined path of least resistance. If you are confused already, don’t worry, we are too… join the discussion and help us learn from each of our perspectives. Agenda: 1) 20 minutes - Discussing the nature of reality 2) 30 minutes - Sharing lessons from the different belief systems 3) 30 minutes - Discussing how to choose to live the destiny of least resistance 4) 20 minutes - Questions and answers

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  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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