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Manifestation 103

Become an Expert Manifester

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This workshop will teach you how to become an expert manifester. This workshop contains all the information needed to understand how intention and manifestation work together to achieve absolutely any desire you wish. We will cover the 12 chakra system, and understand how to use it to help us manifest an improved reality. This techniqu is a very influential technique and will give you a very powerful tool that will let you attract anything you want into your life. Who can take this workshop? This workshop can be taken by anyone who wants to bring into his life anything you can dream of, who wants to learn a new powerful technique to expand your consciousness, learn how to manifest from the heart, manifest ethically, and understand how to work with the laws of the universe to get them to serve you and your highest good. Benefits of this workshop: You will learn how to connect your desired manifestation to your heart and manifest it ethically.. You will receive significant information and tools that allow you to create your own reality using the 12 chakra system, and have a life that you desire. Agenda: 1) 20 minutes - Explaining the importance of ethical heart manifestation 2) 20 minutes - Understanding the 12 chakra system 2) 30 minutes - Learning the advanced technique to manifest from each chakra centres 3) 30 minutes - Guided meditation and exercise 4) 20 minutes - Questions and Answers The meeting is virtual on Zoom. Event time: 12:30pm to 2:30pm EDT Expected Experience: Intermediate About the Instructor Svetozar Nopoleos is a manifestation coach, energy healer, and spiritual guide. He has always been interested in universal laws, esoteric literature, and the science of the mind. His journey started from the mastery of art, to the spiritual kinship of healing. In 2018 he gained his certification in Quantum Touch, then went on to pursue a degree in Numerology from Grigoriy Grabovoy academy, Russia, along with Korean Acupuncture (Su djok and Six Ki). His found love in the science of manifestation got him to connect with individuals from all around the globe to help them understand universal principles, and apply them in their everyday practice to change their lives.

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  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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