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Manifestation Blockages

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Aligning our actions to our intentions is one challenge we all face, as we uncover the difference between our conscious and subconscious minds. Turning our inner thoughts into our external reality is another one of those challenges. Manifestation is a very broad concept, where no one size fits all approach works. It is important to understand the mechanisms that shape the world around us in order to learn how to use the universal laws to work in our favour, and help us achieve the desires we want. Join us Saturday to discuss the many blockages we face on our journey to mastering manifestation. Our manifestation coach Svetozar Nopoleos will bring forth multiple aspects to delve deeper into, such as ethical manifestation, the effects of our desires and manifestations on others around us, the steps needed to ensure our manifestations happen precisely as we intend them to, and the power of our thought patterns in manifesting our reality. Agenda: 1) 20 minutes - Discussing the nature of manifestation 2) 30 minutes - Sharing lessons from the different paths to manifestation 3) 30 minutes - Discussing how to choose to manifest in harmony with the higher self 4) 20 minutes - Questions and answers

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  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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