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Meet your Guides

Group Online Hypnosis Session

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Join us on a spiritual journey to meet your guides, understand how to communicate with them effectively, and hear what they have to share with you, to uncover your inner reality. This exceptional online group hypnosis session, that was developed by Dolores Cannon, the founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), is geared to introducing you to light level hypnosis, as a way for you to test the waters. The workshop will establish a communication channel between you and your spirit guides. It will also have several fun exercises to uncover hidden insights of your personality, and help you learn more deeply about your psychology. This is a donation based workshop Benefits of this workshop: -Introduces you to deeper guided meditation -Removes fear of hypnosis -Invites you to learn from your spirit guides -Helps you understand your psychology Consent To Group Regression Workshop: By booking this workshop, you are consenting that you are of legal age, and agree to be a willing participant in the process of Dolores Regression Group Workshop. You understand that Regression Workshop can involve the use of a variety of techniques in combination with progressive relaxation hypnosis, guided imagery, facilitated fantasy, and other hypnotherapeutic interventions. This will be a strictly private meeting and there will be no recording allowed. Agenda: 1) 20 minutes - Introduction to hypnosis 2) 25 minutes - Exercises to activate the right brain 3) 20 minutes - Meeting Guides Hypnosis 4) 20 minutes - Sharing Experience 5) 20 minutes - Personality test exercise 6) 10 minutes - Questions and Answers The meeting is virtual on Zoom. Event time: 12:30pm to 2:30pm EDT Expected Experience: Beginne About the instructor: Weam Charaf Eddine holds a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. His post graduate training includes the fields of Energy Management and Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy. His research in the fields of brain/heart coherence, and consciousness led him to found Meditate For Change & Soul Secrets, which introduce Science into Spirituality, and allows us to simply Question Our Reality from its very core. As a researcher, investigative journalist, lecturer, YouTuber, and corporate consultant, his interest lies in demystifying the mystical so people from all walks of life have the right tools to make outstanding changes in their lives. Thank you for all your generous support Donations are what keep our free workshops going

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  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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