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Quantum Touch Energy Healing

find your natural life force energy

  • 30 minutes
  • 30 U.S. dollars
  • Location 1


Quantum Touch is a holistic practice of energy healing that works with the natural life force energy known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit. Quantum touch technique works on raising your vibration to remove blockages in your mental, emotional and physical body, which will allow the life force energy to move freely in the body channels, and provoke and accelerate the natural self healing process that we all possess. This technique promotes optimal wellness, and results in a wide range of benefits and has been effective at healing multiple illnesses. Check out the testimonials for all our extraordinary results. Quantum touch is a personalized energy healing technique that tailors the energy delivery to each person based on their unique physical, mental, and emotional bodies, and areas that require more attention than others. The procedure helps bring your energy field and vibrations into balance and improves the health wellness of your body, mind and spirit. The session first starts with a 10 minute discussion, in which a quick consultation will occur to determine the main areas of focus that the healing session will be tailored to. Then the instructions will be provided to you to get ready for the healing session, before the healing session begins. Please be clean, and cleansed (shower is recommended), and be in comfortable clothes, in a quiet room. You will need to lie down in a comfortable position while the energy healing is taking place. Ensure your phone is quiet, and no distractions are present during the healing session. You will be on the phone, or on zoom, the entire time the session is occurring for communication to be clear. The sessions can be given in English, Russian and Arabic

Contact Details

  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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