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Reiki Energy Healing

The Mind, Body, and Spirit

  • 1 hour
  • 90 U.S. dollars
  • Online meeting


The Mind, Body, and Spirit… the three elements that matter the most in this human experience. However, balancing them is quite a difficult Reiki which means "spiritually guided life force energy" is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is based on the idea that “life force” energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive and thriving. Reiki has been effective in helping every known illness and treats the whole person including the physical body, emotional body, mental and spiritual bodies. Reiki has also been proven to cause many beneficial effects that include relaxation, the feeling of peace, security, and general wellbeing, even when practiced remotely. Not only do you get overall relaxation in every Reiki session, but you also get Chakra assessment, balancing, and alignment, as well as Aura cleansing. All of which leads to harmonizing the various systems of your body, and healing the illnesses that prevail. The session first starts with a 10-minute discussion, in which a quick consultation will occur to determine the main areas of focus that the healing session will be tailored to. Then the instructions will be provided to you to get ready for the healing session before the healing session begins. Please be clean, and cleansed (shower is recommended), and be in comfortable clothes, in a quiet room. You will need to lie down in a comfortable position while the energy healing is taking place. Ensure your phone is quiet, and no distractions are present during the healing session. You will be on the phone, or on zoom, the entire time the session is occurring for communication to be clear. English, Arabic

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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