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Tarot Consultation

  • 1 hour
  • 50 U.S. dollars
  • Location 1


Through our generations, men and women have used tarot as a tool to uncover the future. But few understood the real power behind the tarot cards. Many have called it magic and some had even sunned it as the devil’s work. However today the global associates tarots with spiritual guidance and growth. Tarot cards are a great way to access your inner psych. When you do a tarot reading you are actively opening a line of communication between you are your subconscious. Not only does this help you reach a better understanding of your innermost deep thoughts, but also it helps you find and maintain a particular language between you and yourself. There are many benefits to seeking a tarot reading. Tarots provide guidance in your most challenging times. It may offer you peace of mind and clarity in certain situations. While it does give you glimpses of your possible future outcomes, it can also steer you away from drastic problems. A session with Ms. JOudieh presents you with many solutions. You can ask about various topics. Relationship advice, health problems, decisions, outcomes, family issues, or even business, career problems. She can offer more of a therapeutic perspective to the issues. Ms. JOudieh combines a variety of cards from the rider’s classical tarot decks to two or more types of oracle decks to get a more precise description of the situation at hand. This illuminates more feedback on the right approach to resolve it. Her strong intuition allows her to see possible solutions and hidden messages in the cards. All together with linking to chakras, and affirmation-based solutions contribute to a more effective outcome on the seeker. The readings can be done in the following languages Arabic, English, Russian

Contact Details

  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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