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Svetozar Nopoleos healer

"Align your persona (ego) with your higher self (soul) to achieve a miraculous human experience"

Svetozar Nopoleos is a manifestation coach, energy healer, practical psychologist, hypnotherapist, and a spiritual guide. He has always been interested in universal laws, esoteric literature, and the science of the mind.


His journey started from the mastery of art from a very young age. At the age of twenty-two, he became the sole owner and operator of MarkBodyArt tattoo parlor. He found great success in sharing his art and skills with his clients and students. However, he found more contentment in learning deeply the knowledge of the universe and existence.

“Align your emotions, thoughts, and actions. And watch miracles take place in your reality”


As a firm believer of becoming conscious, and aware of the true self through energy healing, He gained both levels one & two practitioner certificates in Quantum-Touch, manifesting miracles. Alongside a certificate from the Su-Djok academy in Moscow for Korean acupuncture. He also holds a numerology certificate from Grigoriy Grabovoi Academy, Moscow. His urge has always been around helping people in understanding universal principles and how to apply them to live the life they desire.

He went on to gain a diploma in practical psychology and a diploma in advanced hypnotherapy techniques from the National Academy of additional professional education in Moscow. In his work, he focuses on the unity between emotions, thoughts, and actions. The alignment with the higher self-using advanced meditation techniques to find one’s life purpose. He also performs past life regressions and karmic resolvement. In addition to Spiritual guidance in life journeys. 


“I believe that knowledge and education is not only a fundamental tool for having a better human experience but also to evolve and elevate to higher dimensions”

National academy of additional professional education
quantum touch energy healing certification
Sujok korean acupuncture certificate
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Svetozar Nopoleos

Director of Operations
  • Instructor
  • Meditator 
  • Practical psychologist 
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Manifestation coach
  • Spiritual guide
  • Visionary artist
art healing
markbodyart tattoo shop
grigori grabovoi numerology certification

Svetozar's 1 on 1 Services

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