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Weam Charaf Eddine, healer


is the simple act of observing reality, and being mindful of its nuances."

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Weam Charaf Eddine

Founder & Director
  • Instructor
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  • Yogi
  • Spiritual Guide
  • Reiki Healer
  • QHHT Practitioner

Weam Charaf Eddine is a science and spirituality polymath. His unique view of both insights had allowed him to create this objective yet embracing platform called “Mediate for Change”. As a researcher and lecturer, YouTuber, and consultant, his interest lies in demystifying the mystical so people from all walks of life to have the right tools for making outstanding changes in their lives. 

His probing intelligence, unquenchable curiosity, and inventive imagination have driven him to master many fields and excel in many areas, some of which are holistic coaching, engineering, and short movie production.


His journey led him to study numerous schools of thought with passion. He continued to be interested in ways to scientifically interpret the hidden nature of energetic healing, manifestation, meditation, enlightenment, psychic phenomena, and cosmic wisdom. He ventured into Reiki, Isha Yoga, School of Remembering, Neo-humanist education, Ananda Marga, Eckankar, Kriya Yoga, Art of Living, and QHHT, and slowly uncovered the unseen field of hidden human potential. 

“Spirituality is the simple act of observing reality and being mindful of its nuances. It is also a way to question what we see and try to observe things from different perspectives. Dogmatic new age gurus have done to spirituality what disciples have done to religions.”

Weam also pioneered the study of sustainable psychic development and is working on roadmaps to bring forth this knowledge. He tries to embody the principles of spirituality, in order to be a living example of the modern mystic. His research has expanded his conscious understanding of what is possible on this 3 Dimensional plane and continues to break barriers of the known ‘Reality’ with the help of great teachers, fellow soul seekers, and students of knowledge.

“Science is a tool that helps us understand the different aspects of spirituality better. If you think Science and Spiritually are not compatible, you simply haven’t been looking at the evidence that was gathered in the last 20 years”

Reiki class

Despite his spiritual kinship, Weam has worked as a full-time engineering consultant within the provincial and federal government sphere in Canada since 2018. His professional career started in brand management, and marketing development, and his fortune 500 company experience were advantageous in shaping his success-driven nature. He learned a great deal of strategy from his work experience with giants such as Mars Incorporated, Royal Bank of Canada, and Pepsi Co.


His entrepreneurial spirit continues to shape his social enterprise reality, as he has co-founded Beyond Toronto Life in 2016, to bring urban dwellers out of their individual boxes to integrate with one another, and promote a healthy community, and wellbeing. Furthermore, in 2017 he helped lead the Toronto chapter for Simbi, the world’s largest non-profit that aimed at promoting community development.

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Weam's 1 on 1 Services

  • Available Online

    The Mind, Body, and Spirit

    90 US dollars
  • Available Online

    Work through your problems with guidance

    50 US dollars
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

    400 US dollars
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